It feels like 2018 has only just started  a moment ago – and yet! it´s May already! Or maybe our perception is just a little off? Time flies!

I (Suse) am surprised how fast the last 4 months have passed and yet I’m glad about the fact that we are living in May already. Hadassah has grown soooo much and it’s fun to watch her learning new things. She is such a beautiful girl. She likes to laugh and smile a lot and wants to be entertained. Our nights are mostly relaxed with only 3-4 nursing breaks. That´s really good!

Philemon is such a sweet and smart little boy with a special talent for linguistics! He´s got lots of charm and melts everyone’s hearts. He speaks German and English in full sentences now and currently loves marble tracks and the sand pit at the construction site especially. He is still a bit skeptical and hesitant with other kids, but slowly but surely he’s getting faster to warm up and play with others on the playground.

In March we celebrated my birthday and in April with Philippus’ 30th birthday the whole Heerfamily turned 70. We had a nice little party with lots of yummy food, great guests and lots of fun.

Philippus continues to study the Bible diligently and will write about it further down. I have had a pretty persistent cold over the past 4 weeks that has developed into a severe bronchitis and has robbed me of a lot of strength and energy. At the moment my ears are still swollen, it feels like my head is wrapped with cotton which is quite uncomfortable. No one likes coughing, a sore throat, headaches and a runny or congested nose! Neither do I.

There are only 11 weeks left until the end of the Bible School! This is not very long. In mid-June, the lecture phase ends for Philippus and his fellow students, followed by an outreach, where all students will teach and preach in churches and congregations in different countries. Philippus is gonna fly to south Brazil with a small team for 4 weeks. It will be winter at that time in Curitiba – which will take some time to adjust for him. Our original plan was to fly to Brazil as a whole family, but we decided against it for a variety of reasons. We thought about it, had many conversations and prayers about it and talked with others about their experiences and perspectives about doing outreach with small children. So now we have decided that I will stay in Texas with both children. It will certainly be a challenging time without dad, without husband, without Philippus, but we are confident that this is the best way.

July 22 is the official date for the graduation ceremony of the Bible School here in Tyler, Texas. Unbelievable how fast one year passes. After the graduation we would like to spend some time at the beach and visit Krysta, a fellow student of Philippus, in California on the west coast. And in mid August our little family of 4, will return to Germany with the latest addition of our tiny American citizen our daughter Hadassah. We are looking forward to it!

First, we will stay with Philippus` dad in Herrenberg near Stuttgart, Phils hometown where all our belongings are stored. After we’ve overcome the jet-lag by eating loads of delicious German bread, we will take the caravan of Grandpa Wolfgang and go on a small Germany-tour to visit our families, friends and supporters. We want to share about our time here in Texas and talk about our plans for the future. If you would like to get to know Hadassah in real life and if you would like to see us again, then just get in touch with us so we can plan the Germany-tour. We´ve penciled the Tour in for September.

For me (Philippus) the time here in Tyler was very precious and rewarding. I came to this school with many biblical questions and some unconventional thoughts in mind and looking at the points that were really important to me, I can actually be pretty happy. We worked theological concepts directly out from the Bible, I could follow-up on many of my questions, had many in-depth conversations with my classmates and teachers, and all of this helped me to move forward. New friendships have been formed, exciting discussions have arisen, and I have come across new topics that I did not realize before. Therefore, I can only say: I am incredibly thankful to God for this time.

The change of course that started for us a year and a half ago is not over yet. Before we came to the United States, I wondered if after 10 years of administrative work in Youth With A Mission it was time for something new. This has been confirmed by the Bible School here. I developed a real passion for theology and teaching and was – through the school – able to see which topics are more important to me and which ones not so much. So, the school really helped me to clarify things and now I also know which topics I will look into even further after this time – even if we do not yet know how and where exactly that will be. God is faithful and HE has led and guided us step by step so far, so we continue to trust Him in that. Seems like the excitement of uncertainty never stops and with our two sweet little children we won´t be bored easily.

With this we say goodbye for today. Many greetings and blessings to you. We will do our best so that the rest of our time here doesn´t just fly by, but that we enjoy many meaningful moments and so create good memories.

See you soon, Philippus, Suse, Philemon and Hadassah aka theHeerfamily.