It is May already and somehow winter does not seem to want to go away in our corner of the world. But we all long to be outside, to discover the new playground and to explore the microcosm on our doorstep. Hadassah is walking now and the first thing in the morning for her is running to the shoe rack to get her rubber boots because she wants to go outside. She can even say that: „Outside, empty, hello, belly, tree and boo-hoo“ are the most common words that bubble out of this little energetic human next to the other incomprehensible babbling. Welcome to everyday life with small children.

It is May already and Philemon asks more and more often when we have to move out of our apartment, pack all our things in boxes and move into the new apartment. Philo is a smart little boy who always wants to know everything in detail and if necessary he asks 5 times. And he remembered the move because when we moved into this wonderful apartment as intermediate tenants, it was clear from the beginning that we would move out again after one year.

It is May already and that means that our year in the beautiful apartment with a great view from the living room window is almost over. It was a good time! After our year in Texas, we were allowed to just ARRIVEand READJUST and BE in Germany again. we had a chance to catch up with friends and reconnect with family and we also get to know great new friends. We enjoyed moving into a fully equipped apartment and it will be hard for us to say goodbye to the great landlords and the YWAM family. But we are also looking forward to what lies ahead.

It is May already and in August we will have our big move. Somehow it no longer is a big deal for us – so it seems to me – but somehow maybe this time it is. We want to take root, we want to feel at home. So we have dealt with the question of „where“ for quite some time and now we have an answer to it. If you have the free choice, if the world is open to you, if there is no specification or restriction, then this can be overwhelming, even a bit overtaxing. It almost feels like 30 years ago, shortly after the fall of communism in East Germany, when suddenly the supermarket shelves offered a choice of 25 kinds of toothpaste instead of just one. How would you know the best choice? Don’t you end up reaching for what you’re used to? To what is familiar and known?

It is May already and the historical moment of the fall of the Berlin Wall is celebrated for the 30. time this year. It´s unbelievable somehow, isn’t it? And so awesome! Thanks to this turn in the history of our country in autumn 1989 I was allowed to leave „the East“. Born on the East Side of the wall meant that nobody was allowed out, but after the wall came down there were no more borders, no more restrictions. I was allowed to travel to many countries of the world, I always had the free choice of where I wanted to go, I was never imprisoned or restricted, like so many citizens of the GDR were for many years. I was allowed to live in a reunited Germany wherever I chose to live, even „in the West“. And I got to meet my husband (a real „Westerosy“). My life would have been completely different if the Wall still existed.

I love this freedom and have already enjoyed it very excessively, but what I find very interesting is the fact that in my heart I still have a very special connection to East Germany and especially to Thuringia. Something starts to resonate in my heart when I think about Thuringia, when I see the welcome sign with Schiller and Bach on the motorway, when I think about my childhood, holidays in the Thuringian Forest and the best Bratwurst in the world … there is a lot of resonance. A few years ago I already found my way back to my old home Thuringia to study and I was thrilled. Of all the different places in the world where I have lived, none felt like home. None, but Erfurt. And that is one of the reasons why we will move to Erfurt as a whole family. Erfurt, we are coming (back).

It is May already and as of now, we are looking for a suitable apartment for our small family at the beginning of August. If you know someone who rents an apartment, someone who is looking for a new tenant or nice new neighbors, then let us know.

There would be much more to tell about the „why“, about what was decisive for the decision, about our ideas concerning a 60/40 life, and about the meaning of life in general (42 I know). But I think this is enough for today and we wanted to keep this news in a nutshell. That’s why I’ll just leave a short video about Erfurt here and invite you all to come to visit us! It´s really nice in Erfurt.

Goodbye from the Heerfamily.