Some of you may have already wondered why there is no news from the Heer family from Erfurt yet since in the last Blog entry we wrote that we wanted to move there in August. Well, what can I say except man proposes, but God disposes.

While searching for a suitable apartment we noticed that it is good to make plans, but if nothing happens and it seems like you are stuck the best plan is worth nothing. So we took the time to ask God again where HE wants to lead us to. We believe that He is still speaking directly to us today and so the challenging question arose whether we want to continue to be a missionary family or whether we want to settle down. We have experienced so many times how good it is to trust in God and so it was not difficult to find our answer. Well, this is why we are not in Erfurt but have been in Norway for the past 2 months now.

Norway? Why Norway now of all places? Well, here in Norway there are also some  YWAM Bases (Youth with a Mission) and from September to the end of November there is a 3-month bible school in which I (Suse) participate.

For this time Philippus and I have exchanged roles in everyday family life and we get a whole new appreciation for each other’s jobs. Philippus is taking care of the kids from morning until 4 pm, does the laundry, cleans, goes shopping and is super dad and I get Bible lessons during this time and after lunch, I read the Bible together with my small group for 3 hours. When I have finished I take over the kids and Philipps starts working until dinner. Then the kids go to bed and Phil continues to work late into the night and I do homework.

Philemon and Hadassah are very excited about the time they are allowed to spend with Dad and I am excited about what I am learning. On Thursday we finished reading the Old Testament together and now we start with the New Testament. Yay. For me, this is something very special, because even though I have been believing in God for many years it is actually the first time that I read through the whole Bible completely. For a long time, it was very embarrassing for me that I just didn’t really understand many connections or the broader context and therefore I didn’t have much motivation to read. But here I noticed how helpful it is to take time to read long passages at a time, to get background information and to read aloud together in a small group, where everyone can really ask any question. Suddenly the red thread becomes visible, unspeakable names get meaning and everything starts to make sense. These 3 months are a special investment and a very important foundation for us as a family and we are so grateful that we can be here as a whole family. As this once again confirmes, it is simply the best to trust in God.

On November 16th Philemon has his 4th birthday and we have asked on social media if there are friends who want to write him a postcard. Many have already contacted us and asked for our address here in Norway. If you also want to write a card, please contact us, Philemon would be very happy!

Philippus is really remarkable! He gives everything during the day to educate the kids and bring them up, he works diligently and concentrates in the afternoons on his „normal job“ (which he can do from anywhere in the world as long as he has a computer) and he has taken on another challenge: One of the speakers for the Bible School had cancelled and so the head of the school asked him if he could imagine teaching about Paul for a week. He couldn’t possibly refuse that and so Philippus is now preparing to teach in addition to all his other duties and so every minute of the day is really packed.

2/3 of the school is already over now and at the end of November we will go back to Germany. We will be in Thuringia for a while and then continue our journey south for a wedding in the Stuttgart area. 2020 is completely in God’s hands and we are sure it´s going to be everything but boring and it´s going to be very good! Putting God first has always been the best decision for us.

oh and just a fun fact: we are living in a prison. So it´s absolutely true when I tell you that this was my first letter from prison 😀